Our Australian Labradoodles are lovingly bred in our home located in Northborough, Ma.
They are known for their intelligence, loving nature, and fun personalities.
They are excellent service, therapy, and family companions.




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Welcome to Stonewall Manor Labradoodles!

Our love for Australian Labradoodle can be seen in everything we do. Our breeding program includes Australian Labradoodles from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia, the originators of this wonderful developing breed. In Europe and Australia these dogs are also commonly known as Australian Cobberdogs (Cobber means Pal in Australia). We are dedicated to insuring sound breeding practices, excellence in the puppies we produce and we hold our dogs to highest standards. Our puppies are whelped in our home and we are devoted to preserving and enhancing this amazing and unique breed. Our goal is to produce the finest service, therapy and family companion dogs.